The Toro Company

A trusted partnership for over 15 years, resulting in dozens of user experience and design projects, including global frameworks, commercial sites, B2B portals, intranets, corporate sites, and web applications.


Envisioned as a “fitbit for your mower,” the myToro app connects Toro machinery to the internet-of-things to deliver engaging content and resources, including integrated ecommerce.


  • Engage the user with data, encourage repeat use
  • Drive discreet sales through convenience
  • Work on any device, at any resolution, as both an app and a website
  • Integrate with multiple systems, yet present consistent visuals
  • Present complex technology as simple and fun

My Role

UX Architect and UX Designer, conducting stakeholder interviews, producing high-fidelity wireframes, UI/Design, and user testing


After conducting research and stakeholder interviews to understand the users, goals, and requirements of the project, we developed a set of fully-functional interactive wireframes which were used to validate navigation, define functionality, and test with users. We collaborated with the developers to ensure feasibility and remain within budget.


Axure Pro

Features & Solutions

  • Encourages repeat usage through gamification and earning badges
  • Inspires adoption by aggregating statistics, e.g. how fast you mowed this week versus last
  • Discreetly offers convenient purchase options tied to service recommendations and accessories
  • Integrates with weather services, resource libraries, and location services
  • Presents a lot of data and information in a clean, easy-to-scan format


After the wireframes were fully tested and the requirements defined, we moved into the design phase, applying Toro’s defined style and brand guidelines along with a consistent iconography and a color strategy to optimize usability. Designs were created in multiple breakpoints to demonstrate the desktop, tablet, mobile, and app views.


Adobe Photoshop

Features & Solutions

  • Introduces useful animation with gauges that fill and number counters
  • Presents consistent and helpful iconography
  • Adheres to strict brand standards and guidelines
  • Displays a lot of information cleanly and clearly
  • Remains easy to use and navigate at any resolution, mimics app functionality on mobile