When nearly 50,000 employees need a place to go to stay informed and organized, you need a clear and clean interface to motivate them.

Project: Inside Ecolab – Intranet

As part of a larger intranet rebuild, Ecolab wanted to refresh their internal website gateway into something more engaging, customizable, and responsive.


  • Encourage employee adoption of the intranet by offering engaging, relevant content
  • Make the intranet easier to surf by optimizing the display for all devices
  • Organize the content into logical components that a user can scan effectively and customize efficiently
  • Increase productivity by decreasing the time it takes to stay informed on new policies, creating a one-stop-shop for everything an Ecolab employee needs to know

My Role

UX Architect and UX Designer, conducting stakeholder interviews, producing high-fidelity wireframes, and UI/Design


After gathering project requirements from the stakeholders, we put our thoughts down into visual interactive wireframes in three responsive breakpoints to mimic all functionality and test with users.


Axure Pro

Features & Solutions

  • New automatic billboard rotates the feature stories and announcements
  • “Stay Connected” area highlights specific employees and embeds social media feeds in order to keep employees aware and engaged
  • Important announcements can be pinned, and all announcements have iconography to denote type, for easier scanning
  • Helpful Links and Latest Headlines can be curated by the user, and then expanded or collapsed depending on user preference
  • Users are encouraged so participate and submit news items
  • Responsive versions maintain all functionality yet are optimized for mobile viewing


Based on the approved wireframes and Ecolab’s documented design standards, we created two options for a homepage design, which were eventually adapted into a single design with responsive breakpoints.


Adobe Photoshop

Features & Solutions

  • Color strategy keeps page scannable
  • Styling differentiation between separate content areas helps the user intuitively understand the layout of the page
  • Dashboard becomes a one-stop-shop for employees to see all of the important news. announcements, updates, and social media items being promoted by Ecolab
  • Iconography is simple yet effective, with purpose
  • Responsive versions maintain their readability